Why the Logo


The phrase ‘To the T’ means when something is done exactly right  … when something is done ‘down to a T’, you have succeeded in doing it perfectly!

Doing justice to the theme of ‘ToTheT’ and considering the fact that this is a women-led organisation, we have chosen a butterfly as a design symbol to translate our aspirations. Butterflies are powerful representations of life and have been widely viewed as an emblem of transformation and hope. The butterflies have been stylized in a petal-like shape to showcase growth because just like every petal of a flower, each member of the ‘ToTheT’ family grows together. By distinctly highlighting the T in the name, we justify our belief in the Ts of ‘Timeless Transformation Together’.

The colour orange breathes new life into the logo with the freshness, stimulation, and enthusiasm that it brings with it, while the colour purple adds a bold contrast to it with virtues of freedom, desire, and strength.

For all thy Gifts we thank thee Lord Especially for the Gift of Continued Friendship


Friendship Continued Forever


  • To continue the friendships formed in Ladies Circle and Round Table
  • To work side by side with Round Table India, Ladies Circle India & 41 Clubs of India
  • To share and enjoy activities based on fun and fellowship locally and globally

  • To reach out to the needy and the deserving wherever possible

  • To be non sectarian and non-political