About Tangent India

Tangent Clubs began in 1950 in UK. The past members of Ladies Circle wanted to stay connected and continue the bonds of friendship that were formed in their circling years. Thus the first Tangent Club was founded in UK and soon enough other nations followed suit.

In course of time, the past circlers in India too felt the need for an organised and formal platform to continue the bonds of friendship formed in Ladies Circle. In the year 2006, under the dynamic guidance of 41er Sameer Nayyar, the then President, Association of 41 Clubs of India, the first Tangent Club was started in Mumbai. Jogesh Mittal from Mumbai took on the mantle of the Charter President of TANGENT INDIA. Tangent Clubs in India include 41ers wives, past Circlers and ex-Tabler’s wives.

Since its days of infancy, TANGENT INDIA has grown from strength to strength. With able leadership, each year, progress was made by laying down procedures and increasing membership. In 2018, at the international AGM in Austria, TANGENT INDIA became a full member country of Tangent Club International. Tangent India is now a Registered Society under the Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975.